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The dream of entrepreneurial achievement dates back to the earliest American settlers. Entrepreneurs have been at the heart of industrial and technological advancements throughout the history of the United States. Studies show that entrepreneurs have historically played an important role in major economic recovery efforts, such as those seen after the Great Depression. Today entrepreneurship is growing ever more important to the economy, and thanks to the wealth of information available, support services offered, and the increased focus on entrepreneurial education, the dream is more obtainable now than ever before. 

K – 12 Institutions

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship: Provides entrepreneurial education for low income youth.

Consortium for Entrepreneurial Education: Resource for educators and youth leaders teaching entrepreneurship to children.

Junior Achievement: Since 1916, Junior Achievement has promoted business acumen and industrial spirit in young children.

Youth Venture: Organization created to promote entrepreneurial education and competition among young adults.

Future Business Leaders of America: FBLA is the world’s largest and oldest student-level business organization.

Delta Epsilon Chi: Association of high school and college students studying business and entrepreneurship.

K12 Entrepreneurship: Links and information on K12 entrepreneurship resources provided by St. Louis University.

Colleges and Universities

MIT Entrepreneurship Center: Information for entrepreneurs interested in starting technology-based businesses.

Babson College Entrepreneurial Education: A college in Massachusetts devoted to entrepreneurial education and research.

UC Berkley Haas School of Business: The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a wealth of information for new or young entrepreneurs.

Stanford University Entrepreneurship Corner: A plethora of videos and podcasts from today’s top entrepreneurial teachers, innovators, and thought leaders.

Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School: Resources and information for entrepreneurs such as finding funding, finding a business idea, and other helpful beginner basics.

Entrepreneurship Scholarship List: From the University of Akron, links to several scholarships for those pursuing entrepreneurial education.

Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization: National organization for college students seeking entrepreneurial career goals.

Articles and Books

Online Books and Articles from University of Pennsylvania: Extensive list of books and articles on entrepreneurial topics, all available for online reading.

The Illusions of Entrepreneurship: Book published by Yale University Press regarding the myths versus the realities of starting and operating your own business.

Library of Congress Reference Guide: Article on becoming an entrepreneur which includes a list of recommended reference books for further reading.

Principles of Entrepreneurship: Publication available online from covering everything a new entrepreneur should know.

Entrepreneurship Research

The Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Research: As the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship, site contains numerous reports and research statistics for entrepreneurs, emerging markets, and trends.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Links to information from GEM on a variety of notable entrepreneurship topics, most notably the Adult Population Survey covering attitudes towards entrepreneurship around the world.

US Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Information on entrepreneurship research results, resources for entrepreneurs, white papers, and other educational information.

Senate Committee on Entrepreneurship: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program information.

The Psychology of Entrepreneurs: Journal publication covering information on the psychology behind entrepreneurship such as personality traits and other factors and calls for more research in those subject areas.

Project GATE, US Dept. of Labor: Results of Growing America Through Entrepreneurship (GATE) research conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Small Business Administration.

Economic Development Administration: Various reports including entrepreneurial research concerning growing “green” business trends.

Business Magazines and Organizations

Entrepreneur Magazine: The most widely read publication for new and existing entrepreneurs.

Inc. Magazine: General small business information publication for entrepreneurs.

Fast Company: Small business magazine for entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of business.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Bloomberg and Businessweek recently combined forces, there are now resources for small business owners as well as international business owners.

US Small Business Administration: The SBA provides an exhaustive list of resources, workshops and publications for entrepreneurs.

National Small Business Association: NSBA is one of the oldest small business advocacy organizations in the U.S.

SCORE: Small business resources and counseling for those wishing to become entrepreneurs.

National Business Incubation Association: Studies show incubated businesses are more likely to succeed. The NBIA helps pair entrepreneurs with incubators.

Miscellaneous Resources for the Entrepreneur

Startup Nation: Online forum and resource for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

IRS Small Business Resources: Links to a variety of information from the IRS for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Official Business Link to the US Government: is a resource provided by the federal government with a host of information on starting and running a business.

Small Business Development Center: Information on small business, as well as an SBDC locator to find assistance relative to state and local chapters.

Doing Business with DOD: Small business programs office, includes videos on doing business with DARPA, the division of the military that administers SBIR and STTR programs (the federal government’s small business acquisitions programs.)

Business Resources and Advice: provides numerous links, articles, and resources for entrepreneurs.


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